What is the purpose of the HEB?

♥The HEB balances the disharmonious energies of the body due to stress, thus strengthening the immune system and protecting it against the onslaught of accumulated and daily stressors.

What does the HEB do?

♥It explores the subtleties of the unconscious on all levels: body, mind and spirit. The program responds by providing information that may influence certain energetic imbalances often associated with physical, emotional or mental stress.

♥By recognizing the body as a creation of energy, it enjoins the kinetic matrix of the individual in an attempt to establish harmonic resonance within that system.
♥Each participant receives a gentle template of balancing energies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for one year.

♥You receive only the energetic information that is needed to assist in harmonizing the human energy system; thereby providing a mechanism for the body to assist in it's own healing endeavor.

♥The HEB balances your overall energy field, all organ systems, and your emotions.

♥The HEB is also able to send unique positive energy patterns to homes and businesses.

How does the HEB work?

We are all aware of the fact that each person has a unique fingerprint unlike that of anyone else. This clearly identifies an individual, virtually without exception. In addition to that exclusive form of identification, it has been scientifically determined, by the process of Kirlian photography, that every human organism has its  own distinct energetic fingerprint or signature.

To further understand this, think of the special locating devices that are now installed in some new autos. These devices, known as GPS or global positioning systems, receive and transmit information to a satellite in space, which in turn determines the exact location of that vehicle.

In a similar, but more complex manner, the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program engages the photograph of an individual within its specially designed database, providing and transmitting information, which in turn creates a link with the energetic field of the participant.

It is interesting to note that time and space seem to provide no barrier to the possibility of success. The "intent" of the recipient appears to act like a magnet, attracting the necessary information. As a result of this connection, the gentle and subtle energies emitted by the program begin to slowly assist in the process of balancing the disharmonious energies lodged within the subject’s energetic system.

The Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program (HEB)

The most extraordinary and sophisticated energy alignment technology available in the world today!

Energetic Balancing Strengthens
the Integrity of the Body's Organ and
Immune Sytems, 
Creating a Sense of Harmony 
and Well Being. 

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