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Welcome to ARP Health Systems

ARP Health Systems is a division of Alternative Remedies Plus+, one of Lake of the Ozarks natural Vitamin and Herbs store.  We carry everything you need when it comes to Health and Beauty Supplies and Vitamin and Herb Supplements. 

We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns.  Our success is your long-term good health!!

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ARP Health Systems offers the latest in Bioenergetic Healthcare. Our newest and most advanced Systems are the Total WellNES and Animal WellNES Systems by NES Health. We also offer BioMeridian and Biofeedback stress management technology.

Bioenergetic Healthcare is the wave of the future and the future is here today!!!!

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Adrienne Kimmons, has been using Bioenergetic Healthcare since 2011.  She is a licensed practitioner with certifications in NES Health, BioFeedback and BioMeridian. 

Bioenergetic Healthcare

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Adrienne, put me on her Bio-Meridian machine.  It showed that there were several areas that I'm weak in my body..Adrienne suggested I take the Liquid PH Balancer. I took a dose before I left the store on Wed. afternoon, and I took another dose in the early evening, along with a tincture of various herbs that the machine suggested, because I have so many allergies. All I can is..I had so much more energy that I haven't had in a very long time! I was able to clean my whole house without having to sit down, because I would get out of breath, and my body was in pain. I feel so good.

                                             Margie, Barnett, MO