Why is everyone talking about InLight Therapy?

You'll leave this webinar educated and astounded that something as simple as LIGHT & FREQUENCIES can stimulate healing in the human body!

4:00 PM (Pacific),
5:00 PM (Mountain),
6:00 PM (Central)
7:00 PM (Eastern)​​Special LED Light Therapy Webinar
Healthier than ever & PAIN-FREE...


Science of InLight Medical 
Increase circulation & decrease PAIN
Why & how it works
Red, Blue, and Near-Infrared wavelengths
Slow down the aging process
Increase Nitric Oxide production
Brain health & other neurological conditions
Uses for Light Therapy
Anti-aging & skin rejuvenation
Research & testimonials
Your options for using InLight Medical therapy at home

Special guest Dr. Stephen Wechsler on utilizing light therapy in a clincal setting

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What is

Polychromatic Light Therapy?

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Polychromatic light therapy is the simultaneous use of more than one light wavelength, or color. InLight Medical Systems™ use two or more light wavelengths in every pad.

Enjoy a Daily Dose of Light

There are 3 different ways to experience ARP Health System's InLight Medical Devices

1.  Schedule an appointment to experience the benefits of InLight Therapy

2.  We have a rental program designed specifically for you

3.  Purchase an InLight System

Achieve relief and results with InLight Therapy’s clinically proven, state-of-the-art, polychromatic light technology system. The FDA Class II Medical Device is simple and safe.

1. Legally marketed as an FDA Class II Medical Device
2. Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT)
3. Proprietary Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology
4. Engineered, designed, and managed in the USA
5. System Packages are ready to use out of the box

Benefits of InLight Therapy Products

InLight Medical polychromatic light therapy (PLT) products provide state-of-the-art polychromatic LED light technology. The company’s proprietary Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology delivers polychromatic wavelengths of light in varied pulsed rates. InLight Medical’s flexible neoprene therapy pads laden with polychromatic LED combinations of red, blue, and near-infrared diodes, reduce pain and increase circulation. InLight Medical has over 30 years of research and development spent manufacturing and supporting our products we are committed to providing the highest quality medical devices while ensuring safety and efficacy.