Sound Therapy & BioEnergetic

Healing Sessions

December 10, 2022 @ 5:00 PM

​​The body is its own best healer. When balanced and harmonious, your body knows exactly what to do in any situation. One tool that can help you tap into the balance, harmony, and healing that is innately within you is sound.

Sound has been used for generations by most cultures to bring peace and balance. Beating a drum, playing a singing bowl, and singing a mantra can all have a harmonizing effect. Listening to the sounds of nature can also have a healing effect on your well-being. A walk in natural surroundings can create a soothing effect through your entire physiology. Listening to different music at different times can be used to stimulate or soothe the mind and body.  Everything is sound or vibration. If you want to communicate with someone or something, get in tune with its sound or vibration.  Here are some ways sound can help heal.

Breaking Ego Boundaries!
Bowl and gong vibrations break down our ability to maintain our ego boundaries so we can enter into a sense of timelessness; a floating, sense of release from our physical bodies. As the brain waves synchronize with the vibe and harmonic patterns of the bowls, we are brought into a deep relaxation and harmony with our true nature. The instruments touch that which is true in each of us.

How Vibe Effects The Spirit:
  - Brings you closer to your The Spirit, stillness, voice of wisdom
  - Reduces anxiety
  - Increases mind-body connection
  - Helps overcome depression


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ARP Healing Center turns a typical massage or energy session into a Sound Sanctuary! Sound and vibration from metal and crystal singing bowls are placed ON and AROUND the body to initiate deep relaxation for muscles and mind.  ARP Bowls are perfect for those who are "touch sensitive" due to cancer/chemotherapy, PTSD, Fibromyalgia or traumatic event. In fact, ARP Bowls are perfect for every age, body type and physical condition. Here's how ARP Bowls can help:

BODY - The physical body loves sound vibration! When singing bowls are played on the body, muscles relax, breathing improves, pain subsides and the immune system is boosted.

​BRAIN - Singing bowls speak the language of the brain. Beta brain waves actually slow to a meditative alpha/theta state to match the frequency of the sound waves around it (called "entrainment"). Kiss the "monkey mind" goodbye!

​SPIRIT - The quickest way to your inner voice of wisdom is through sacred sound. When the brain is calm and the body is at peace,  the stillness of the present moment can creep in; that's where you'll find pure consciousness.

ENERGETIC - Harmonious alignment and balancing of the meridian energy centers is easily and effectively achieved with sacred sound instruments. 

3.  Low Level Light

    Therapy                                  $10

Sound therapy using the Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs stimulates the brain to make changes that help us in the following ways:

  - Doubles stem cell production
  - Healing stress related disorders
  - Detoxification down to the cellular and "bone deep" level
  - Deeper, more profound sleep
  - Synchronization of right and left brain hemispheres
  - Increased learning ability
  - Management or resolution of learning issues, ADD, ADHD, AUTISM
  - Deepening meditative states
  - Retrains the body/mind to let go of stress and heal itself
  - Balances Meridians
  - Effortless achievement of the "relaxation response"
  - Healing past emotional traumas and break through of limiting behavior patterns
  - Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, menstrual difficulties
  - Relief from digestive disorders, emotional imbalances, joint or muscle aches

1.  Sound Therapy Session

     + BioEnergetic Session       $65          

"Anywhere people need stress relief, inner healing, or relaxation is a good place for a meditative sound journey. Many participants experience true peace, release, inner stillness and improved quality of life after working with singing bowls." 

As more and more of us return to in-person gatherings, the need to be creative, engaging and interactive has increased. Sound meditation wellness, and mindfulness are hot topics right now, and something everyone can benefit from on so many levels. I offer professional sound meditations, interactive classes, and background music with singing bowls that are memorable, transformative, and easy to listen to. 

Human tissues have the capacity to carry and distribute sound waves!

Since the body is primarily water, sound waves travel quite easily through its tissues. We also hear and perceive sound by skin and bone conduction. Combined sonic frequencies can effect a state of resonance with specific cell structures. Illness can be thought of as a dis-harmony within the body and sick cells vibrate at a much lower level than a normal cell. Vibrational healing with sound is a potent way of restoring the body to it's normal frequency by elevating the vibration of cells.

​How Vibe Effects The Body:

  - Deep relaxation = stress reduction

  - Relieves muscle tension

  - Boosts immune system and restores vitality

  - Great for “touch-sensitive” people (cancer, fibromyalgia)
  - Breaks the pain cycle by giving nerve endings a new message to take to the brain
  - Elevates sick cell vibration to that of a normal, healthy cell

HEALING WITH SOUND: Tune in to Find Inner Harmony

2.  Sound Therapy

     Only                                        $35

How Sound and Vibration affects Body, Mind and Spirit​

Cognitive Overload!
Cognitive overload is a brute fact of our modern lives. On a daily basis, our brains are bombarded with an explosion of electronic media and online information. Now more than ever before, there is a need to manage stress in our lives and give the brain a "breather." When you relax the mind, the body will follow.

How Vibe Effects The Mind:
  - Turns off brain chatter
  - Turns busy beta brain waves into relaxed theta/alpha
  - Induces meditative or trance state
  - Produces a relaxed state of alertness
  - Pleasing to the ear


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Everything has a unique vibration or frequency. From the single celled organism, to groups of cells we know as our bodily organs, to the human organism as a whole; all of these have a frequency unique to them and are generating sound whether we can hear it or not. Therefore, sound vibration is the most basic form of existence. 

Research reported by Smithsonian Magazine discusses the therapeutic response of exposing cells to elevated sound vibration. The cells begins to resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency as the external vibration increases. Diseased cells/tissue vibrate at low frequencies. Repeatedly exposing diseased cells to higher vibrations retrains them to remain at that vibration which then reverses or resolves disease.

On the physical level, the simplest way of communicating with cells is through sound vibration. External vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. All types of sound have an effect on the nervous system which in turn affects every cell in the body; either creating relaxation or stress. This is why well-being and physical health are so inextricably linked to sound. In response to the stressful sounds, cells recoil and hold onto their toxicity and become diseased. In response to being given soothing tones they let go of their toxicity and naturally begin to function normally again.

4. Body Balancer

    Biofeedback                          $10